Announcements : 

Have a happy and safe holiday!  School starts back on Monday 17th July

Announcements : 

Have a happy and safe holiday!  School starts back on Monday 17th July

Student Leadership

There are many different types of leadership, and not all leadership looks the same.  At Mt Roskill Intermediate we look to foster, grow and support different types of leadership:

This  includes:

This is a very successful way for our school to equip students with the skills to work together, to reflect on their learning goals, expand, refine, and build new skills, share ideas, teach one another and solve problems.
Students are given the opportunity to be part of a programme that trains to be coaches for other students.
A student coach has focused conversations with other students to help them to maximise their capabilities and meet their goals.

This Programme is designed to :

Provide students with an understanding of the GROWTH Coaching system including:

  • A student-friendly version of the GROWTH Model
  • 8 Key Coaching skills
  • A Coaching ‘Way of Being’

If you are:

  • are willing to learn new things
  • relate well to people
  • are able to uphold confidentiality
  • have a growth mindset
  • care about other people
  • are able to reflect and use your reflections to move onwards and upwards
  • wanting to develop your leadership capabilities

You may be a great person to train and be a ‘student coach’.

Those who have been student coaches reported:

  • improved communication skills (specifically, learning how to ask good questions and really listening not just their usual cosmetic listening),
  • increased self-confidence
  • improved skills in perspective-taking – understanding their coachee’s thoughts,
  • feelings, motivations, intentions, their ability to demonstrate empathy, how to interpret and react to non-verbal cues 
  • improved relationships with peers, teachers, and even siblings
  • overall increased emotional intelligence
House Captains are Year 8 students who have been endorsed by the staff and school leadership and selected for the position. There are a number of Leaders selected for each House We have four Houses: Rata, Rimu, Kauri and Kowhai The Role:
  • To be a representative of the school.  This includes serving where needed to support school initiatives and events
  • To represent and promote their house and empower students to have a voice
  • To  encourage others
  • To lead and communicate clearly, but also listen to other people’s ideas, and take on board suggestions from others.
  • Encourage others to participate in as much as they can to accumulate house points during the year’s events
Attributes include:
  • Positively and consistently display the school values
  • Consistently make good decisions and display growth mindsets
  • Enthusiastic and committed leaders for their House at Mount Roskill Intermediate.
  • Friendly and positive with all students, particularly within your House.
  • House Captains who work together to achieve success for all.
  • People who can work to deadlines.
  • Take and act on feedback
  • Are reliable
  • Are kind and inclusive
  • Willingly look for ways to help and support others
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Work collaboratively and positively with others
Organisational responsibilities include: 
  • Running Assemblies
  • Playground (awarding House Pride badges and running activities/games)
  • Wet Day Class Duty
  • School representation on Open Days/ exhibitions
  • Regular meetings with the other HC’s
  • House ambassador during major school events (e.g. Athletics and Swimming Sports)
  • Running House meetings

Our Sports Captains are passionate about sports.
They will take on leadership roles in lunchtime sports, large school events, and whanau representation. They will help to promote and develop sporting opportunities for students across our school.

The role:
Issuing and returning books, helping people using the library, shelving books, tidying the library, using the computers, being part of the team running the library and running and promoting events.

People who are reliable, careful, friendly, hard-working, love books, like helping people, happy to use computers, good at alphabetical and numerical order. 

You must be able to commit to one lunchtime duty per week, and turn up.

Work experience, new skills, librarian training and certificates, chance to take responsibility, previews of new books, satisfaction from doing a good job.

These roles may include aspects of service, organisation and public speaking as well as promotion of the culture both within the school and wider community.
There are opportunities for leadership across many different cultural areas this include:

Ahuru Mōwhai – Kapa Haka Leaders
Culture Group – Performance leaders
Dance group Leaders e.g Bollywood – leading choreography, motivating and encouraging others and helping to organise the groups, along with the staff who have oversight

This is a training and mentoring programme where our identified Pasifika students grow as leaders and focus on their values and culture. The students learn how to inspire and work with others through discussion and games. Also through games they gain confidence and learn through mistakes to develop their communication skills.
Our Pasifika Young Leaders help to run Culture Group and plan activities for the Cultural Language Weeks.

Art monitors are in each classroom and are involved in helping the teacher with systems associated with the art room.

There are a variety of opportunities for leaders within classrooms that range from leading teams, representing the school, being involved in facilitating special and significant events such as culture and language weeks.
Students can both volunteer and be nominated to represent the school and class for events such as open days and school or group promotions.


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